Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Potterton Performa 28 Diverter Valve Replacement

Hazy + La Stalla Home

E' vero, non abbiamo né concediamo pace sotto queste nuvole di primavera. Questo Blog is pleased to announce that under a historic agreement between the King and the King of Voodoo Tarantola, since June 2010 Hazy Music label and the young camuna The Stable Domestic are partners in the scam, in joy and in defeat. As a first step, this partnership will focus primarily matters of the booking and promotion. Then we'll see, hoping that the Seven African Powers not leave any stragglers on the pavement. In any case, news will follow soon but for now we invite you to visit the pages of this brilliant bunch of rascals for example starting from MySpace .


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