Friday, June 18, 2010

Green Green Episode 13 Uncensored

taken from you for a ride backwardation

ENPA PRESS June 15, 2010

Deportation of animals abroad. ENPA DELIVERY 10 thousand signatures to the Secretary of MARTINI
There are about 10 thousand Italians who have signed the petition "backwardation you for a ride, sponsored by the ENPI against the phenomenon of fake and deportation overseas adoptions of dogs and Italian cats. The signatures were delivered this morning by the national president
ENP, Carla Rocchi, the Secretary for Health, Francesca Martini. I am very grateful to the Secretary of Martini, said Carla Rocchi - for the commitment that he wanted to take an end to all forms of mass deportation of pets. The initiative of the ENP, as well as having received a positive response from the institutions, had the merit of bringing to light this phenomenon, hitherto almost unknown to the general public
. Every year there are many vans, trucks and even airplanes departing from every region of Italy carrying Italian border pets - mainly directed at Germany, Switzerland and Austria, which, once they arrive at your destination, you lose track. Pets undocumented, therefore, borne by simple dummy then agree to send them abroad for the sole purpose of feeding a lucrative business. Often they are strays collected in the street or fake adoptions, free goods at the origin which becomes more valuable as soon as they land. Their price, euphemistically called expenses can be up to 350-400 €. This traffic is not just the orphans, but also animals owned, some stolen during the usual walk, while others are sold by their owners, which have become a burden.
puppies or adults, healthy or sick, it makes no difference. Many of them, unfortunately, will never a destination: exhausted from the trip, will die in a locked trunk or in the hold of a plane. To feed the lucrative trade in living beings, sometimes, could contribute to the municipal authorities themselves
, for which the deportations abroad sometimes be a real substitute policy of containment of stray dogs. (June 15)


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