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of trafficking

He calls this "one of the biggest wounds in the animal world." We are talking about trades on the skin of thousands of defenseless creatures, especially strays, but also animals owned, were sold by private or stolen or removed from kennels and shelters.
The Hound of the traffic section 281 of Bairo site is constantly updated on the subject, just to make room for real-time, this frightening phenomenon of exports of strays from all the nations of southern Europe to the north. A drama unimaginable proportions.
Creature that you lose track every day stolen from private gardens, from cars (dangerous habit of many irresponsible owners), removed from the animal shelter, roads, achieved through adoption of appeals that appear on the Internet, to be deported to places nightmare, often using the actual or presumed naivete of those who still believe that these living there can be a paradise on earth.
is often denounce the trafficking of puppies dal'est come to our country, but they forget who our beautiful Italy, across the border and ends when you lose all traces. But now something is being done for these animals who are victims of a humanity that prefers
always just an interest.
from the beginning, or at least, since he started talking about this phenomenon in an official
In 1993 was passed by the Honourable Maria Pia Garavaglia a circular denouncing
the bulk export of thousands of stray dogs from all over Italy to northern Europe. An alarm
bouncing for decades and who had never given the importance it deserved. From
then, occasionally, the newspapers began to appear timidly the first articles about the firm's truck loads of dogs to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium. The vans, when opened, showed hallucinatory scenarios for dogs of all ages, sick, puppies, adults, but still mostly mestizos, were packed inside them in a frightening way. Without food, water, locked in cages where they could not even move. Covered with vomit and excrement, scared, suffering, often sedated and piled up like kindling wood. They had traveled hundreds of miles and sometimes were not even half of the journey.

Back in 1996, a chilling discovery: 54 dogs seized Erasme Hospital
Read how survivors were found on the table while waiting to go to
laboratory. Among the countries involved of course, Italy.

The mestizos who cross national borders are so many ... a lot. A huge number if you add even the dogs that come from other countries of southern Europe

Meanwhile a lot of dogs disappeared into thin air ...

While the carriage of animals continue to increase

E il nostro Bel Paese è fra quelli che più ne esporta

Forse qualcuno ancora si domanderà come mai così tanti cani sempre negli stessi Paesi.
Una possibile risposta potete trovarla a questo link
Un drastico aumento negli ultimi anni degli esperimenti sugli animali......ciò sta a significare che "le cavie" non bastano mai e ci vuole sempre un ricambio immediato.

E' di questi giorni la notizia di un presunto traffico di cani che dall'Italia si dirama verso la Germania.

It also seems that there are some among animal welfare organizations involved
http://www.bairo. info/ladige110610b.html

The article talks about a hostel in a temporary stall in Trento where stray
were hosted for a few hours. The most ill and debilitated had been abolished, while the others continue their journey across the border

Federfauna complaint a business of 40 million €
http://www.bairo .info/federfauna100610.html

It also pointed the finger animal

Mr. Berlato seems to have no doubt who should defend the animal is under attack with heavy complaints

justice will take its course, to uncover truths that , if they have a following, will be really impressive ...

In the meantime, remember what is happening around us, especially on facebook and internet portals where hound relentlessly calls for adoption of dozens of dogs and relay requests for stalls, or messages help tear.
The information, however, is a good weapon that often opens people's minds and asked to reflect on what it all questo marasma comporta.
Leggete le testimonianze che trovate a questo link
Qualcuno finalmente ha deciso di aprire uno spiraglio fra le corse in autostrada e le tastiere....persone che hanno toccato con mano una realtà terribile dove non tutto è oro ciò che luccica, ma esistono punti d'ombra che rasentano una drammaticità angosciante
In particolare la testimonianza di Marzia prende vigore per la crudezza delle parole che
vengono riportate. Il mondo lucente delle staffette dunque, comincia a vacillare e dietro il paravento del buon samaritano si nasconde il dolore e la superficialità che porta a morte certa cerature inermi, completamente in balia di personaggi irresponsabili e inutili.

Anche la vicenda della piccola Stella lascia inorriditi
Per lei la sua buona stella le è stata accanto, ma per un solo cane che riesce a salvarsi altre decine
spariscono semplicemente nel nulla.

Questo dunque il vero mondo dei randagi: creature senza nome, trattati alla stregua di cose. oggetti con cui riempirsi la bocca di belle parole che però celano terribili realtà
Internet ormai rappresenta il "male oscuro" dei randagi e non solo: una maglia fitta e appiccicosa si è estesa su tutta l'Italia: i finti animalisti si confondono con le persone che hanno ancora il credo antico di salvaguardare gli esseri viventi non-human. It was better when it was worse ... at least for animals is certainly così.Forse once there was less sensitivity, but still had value compassion. A stray dog \u200b\u200bwas living a hard life and hard, but then died at his home, with a bowl of water near the door and forgot a piece of bread thrown by pious hands. Now all this has disappeared, giving way to sophisticated generous hearts "with the excuse of saving endangered animals, create a little strange and around
reassuring ...

should never lower your guard because the shame is everywhere: on defenseless beings is easier to break the hearts of the people who in good faith succumbs to the flattery of
doubt people are ready to promise the salvation of thousands of other creatures without ever being able to figure out how. For this reason, the only good faith is useless, indeed, often does so only because damage does not show the reality and does not help to understand the problem. And
to pay expenses at the end are just animals.


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