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How Much Cream And Sugar To Put In Coffee

Early summer

I bastardi non hanno più scuse
Ogni anno nel nostro amatissimo Paese vengono abbandonati 135mila animali, nella maggior parte cani e gatti. Il che vuol dire che ci sono (almeno) 135mila farabutti che si liberano di loro nei modi più fantasiosi. E anche più abietti. Qualcuno facendoci anche rischiare la vita quando
sceglie di lasciare la bestiola in autostrada. Operazione, quella dell'abbandono, che di solito ha una giustificazione vergognosa («non sapevo proprio dove lasciarlo») e una concentrazione temporale limitata quasi sempre all'estate, with a peak between July and August. Omit
judgments of merit on which above 135 thousand to reserve a vacation planned to stay at least not in a prison, but in a shelter for those in which, if the animal is lucky, it ends
prisoner. And I just try to explain to those (few) in good faith that the justification "I did not know where to leave 'no longer applies today.
The Ministry of Tourism has created a website (
) where there are directions to find hotels, campgrounds, beaches and restaurants where pets are welcome and is preparing to send a guide on sale to help owners of dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles and ferrets going on holiday with choice of hotel or facility that can accommodate all the little family. Which is good, even great, news for those who like myself had to do some sacrifices over the years, not to exclude their beloved four-legged holiday. In my case, the beloved, called Camilla, was refused (as I am, of course) from beaches and restaurants, and entered, cleverly disguised in a bag, in the hotel, which hoisted the sign on the door mephitic "I can not enter here" that had not been mentioned at the time of booking. The result is to send myself into a rage, and to encourage the deception with the borsone, onde non passare la notte all'addiaccio.Ben venga dunque la guida anti furbetti e anche la presa di posizione della ministra Michela Vittoria Brambilla che di animali se ne intende (in casa ha una sorta di piccolo zoo con 15 cani e 27 gatti) e che sulla questione è sensibile e pure attenta alle
brutte figure che in passato abbiamo fatto con gli stranieri. Per questo si è inventata persino il premio "Accoglienza bestiale" da assegnare al miglior albergo per quattrozampe, per stimolare gli operatori del settore e cercare di contenere gli abbandoni. Il risultato, va detto, è eccezionale: al sito hanno aderito in cinquemila tra gestori di hotel e strutture varie i quali, a differenza di altri "colleghi" che piangono sulle prenotazioni scarsine, demands seem to have in spades. As if to say that the heart, when it goes hand in hand with the intellect, it can also beat the crisis, always remembering (the slogan of our campaign) that "if you leave it, the bastard you."
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TG COM June 15, 2010
Vacation: 4-legged little luxuries
hotels that pamper our pets
On the one hand there are criminals who abandon them, by 'there are other owners who pamper them with luxuries and vices worthy of a star, perhaps the virtue is indeed, as the saying goes, the mean, but in any case, to tell the truth, we remind dog owners cats and that there are some facilities in Italy and around the world, ready to accommodate the puppy as if it were a real VIP.
We report the most curious, the hotel served as a true happy hour on all fours, to the Spa that offers massages canine anti-jet lag for Fido and Cat. The proposals come from, anyone thinking about a pet and its difficulties in arranging holidays untangling between prohibitions and restrictions in respect of the puppy home. This is why some destinations for travelers, and even with a dog or a cat to follow, does not want to give up a real vacation in an exotic location. Hence the hotel where the happy hour is not the prerogative only of the "human": every Sunday to the four star The Grove Isle Hotel & Spa, in Miami in the U.S., the aperitif is dedicated to Fido, with
Martini glasses filled with delicious treats, hors d'oeuvres created especially with high-grade hamburger and a drink theme for the family. For humans, the choice is between a "big kiss sbavoso" or a "tracker code". Who here wants to take your pet will do well not to neglect her looks: please sunglasses and summer dresses.
The five star hotel Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos, Mexico, offers dogs and cats, virtually all the services offered to employers, starting with a special massage to combat jet lag upon arrival at the hotel. Upon arrival in hotels, to the little hut provides a mini-laptop for not having to suffer the heat in the pool or beach and a choice of different menus, from "Tom's Favorites", inspired by the classic cartoon and made a selection of fish you choose, to "Rin Tin Tin",
with strips of grilled beef and boiled rice. Those who seek relaxation in the countryside, for themselves and their four-legged friend, there's nothing better than Ireland, with its endless fields that allow you to run free. The Castle Hotel and Leisure Centre (4 stars), Macroom, a small town in County Cork, welcomes young guests with a "doggie bag" that includes games, treats, prize and, not least, the bags to keep the environment clean, well
course in food and fresh water in the room. For dogs and owners there are beautiful walks along the banks of the river, starting from the castle of Macroom, but also the surroundings of the city, with its famous megalithic monuments, offer the possibility to spend wonderful days spent outdoors.
Without going so far away, behold, two destinations in Italy, one in the sea, the other green: in Riccione, Hotel Des Nations offers four-star fun Romagna and three "pet rooms" that can be fitted on request to meet the needs of your dog with a customized service. And with a real touch of refinement, the lady who runs the hotel, expert in flower essence therapy, will find the right essence to improve the psychological well-being of all those
puppies may suffer a bit of nostalgia for casa.L 'Hotel Parco San Marco in Porlock, in the province of Como, finally, is a four star surrounded by greenery and offers a special welcome to our puppies: Room not lack food, fresh water, a bed to measure and bowls, leashes and collars available on loan to the hotel. For the master, then, on a map outlining all the walks recommended.


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