Friday, May 28, 2010

Bandana Print Napkins

Hazy Music Showcase @ + GhostBasterds

There are big news at home Hazy Music . We have new partners in terms of video production: with GhostBasterds you are working is to show clips from the live- The golden age of porn , is the first official video from ' Bolero album . This will be based on the title track that you can already listen and download for free online, the video will be directed by Giuliano " Giuni " Ligabue and should be shot in Bologna from 12 and June 14.

news will follow soon and the first video of the show at the Cafe 11/27/2009 Frignano Pavullo, with the assistance of the audio David Christian from the embryo of the new Bombanella Studio . Meanwhile you can listen and download for free Crazy, a song from Dr.Dave & Mr.Haze in the hands of the band has literally taken off.

Be well and be with all the voodoo and all of us.


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