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Guberti case, still missing pointer

24 GIUGNO 2010

Caso Guberti. Continuano a sparire cani alla velocita' "Del Vento"!...
Il pointer "Ranger Del Vento, who was kidnapped by Nirda in late 2008 to the veterinarian and found Guberti Giorgio Ravenna been abandoned along the ring road of Bologna a few days ago, and 'back into oblivion with those who had "lost." It seems to be rumors that it is s right ': the number of microchips in fact, the dog would not be among those in foster care to third parties, entered the lists available to the defense, but among those still in the hands of Animal Liberation. The animal rights association, however,' he said recently: "On the pointer found in Bologna, Animal Liberation has no responsibility. 'What was he doing then the bypass in Bologna? When, after 10 days of quarantine in which the dog had been subjected, a delegate of FederFauna contacted the kennels Trebbo for news, and 'was told: "The dog is' already' been taken away from the rightful owner." Surprised, because the owner had failed to disclose George Guberti no return, the deputy repeated the question and the answer 'was, "Yes!, The dog was in the ring but had a legitimate owner to which we delivered." Guberti, contacted soon after, denies having taken the dog. He said: "I am the owner, but I do not know where are my dogs, apart from the dead and the missing of which we know ...". How is it then that the same kennel last June 13 had reported the discovery of the dog
Guberti as rightful owner, now declares handing him over to another owner? The kidnapping and 'a measure of supervision and provisional nature, should not be a pre-judgment seizure. Although now when it comes to animals impounded if they feel more and more 'of all colors, the legitimate owner of property seized should not change even if that object does not have the free
availability'. Guberti pero ', says he has received more' no telefon
FederFauna but to ATA, which, moved, remember his dogs and the work of a lifetime. Guberti also read the recent statements of President of the Animal Liberation, Lilia Casali, claiming that he had gone to see his pointer, "could not plead nothing, while the dogs away from him ... "and rejects once again the animals." Yes, I was in Occhiobello "Guberti said" only a few minutes 'cause it did not allow us' to film it
'to document the custody of the dogs. "The precise question," but it' s true that the dogs away from you? "Guberti replies:" I have not seen in practice. I have not been able to bring it 'count. I could not have any contact with them and they with me. As already 'stated on other occasions, I saw only that the dogs had no space and could not run. The pointer loves to run but the conditions for the 'not allowed. Some dogs were fat, too
by their nature, and other very thin, there were differences, as do most dogs in my house were 'fat and more' lean, but never obese ', pointer and' born to run! The dogs were on dust, mine was the straw but as we have 'seen the pictures published by local newspapers, if it rains there' also the mud by animals. Only dogs that I had more 'space and could run. "Guberti He adds:" I do not know where they got the others! Who knows'?!... Those of Modena
completely disappeared never again 'heard. I've only seen the baby 2 weeks of age, 'taken away alive from Ravenna and made at the Association of Modena and then I have reviewed the deaths Institute Zooprofilattico dissecting table! Another one of my dogs do not know !..."


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