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traffic of dogs in the Marche

June 21, 2010

treatment of dogs from the coast in Germany, the complaint ENPI
The National Animal Protection (ENPA) is aware that in the Doghouse Adriatic coast, home to the town of Senigallia dogs and other municipalities in the district are in progress for some time by the German organization Hundehilfe Hundeherzen Maintal (Hesse), samples of dogs that are immediately dispatched to include dogs Germany. adopted by individuals, with obligations and commitments under the Framework Law 281/1991 and related ministerial regulations. But this would-be adopted as subito dopo
l'affido i cani vengono portati oltre confine da emissari dell'organizzazione e trattati come proprietà di quest'ultima, che li deposita in stalli temporanei per poi piazzarli a prezzi che vanno da 250 a 300 euro per ogni animale.
I cani sono pubblicizzati nel sito tedesco quando ancora si trovano nel canile, per poi essere prelevati al momento opportuno. Allora avvengono le "adozioni", anche per procura, cosa inammissibile in un atto pubblico; anzi l'organizzazione, che si avvale di collaboratori locali, usa perfino prestanome italiani.
I cani, poi, lasciano l'Italia molto prima della data permessa dalle norme sanitarie del passaporto europeo. Tutto ciò in contravvenzione ad ogni legge europea sulla circolazione non-commercial use of companion animals. The last case is that of peas, small dog of 11 years "adopted" by a dummy and immediately passed to the exporters under the table, as they discovered the ENPA volunteers who lovingly give their service and expertise in the kennel.
The National Animal Control does not intend to let this disgraceful trade, which is already under investigation by prosecutors in Italy more and take root even in the Marche. At the national level, has even launched a petition "backwardation you for a ride" against the deportation abroad
animals entrusted to public housing, whose results are being presented to the Secretary for Health on. Martine through its Section Ancona, has contacted the local council of Senigallia calling it up to the duty of care and ensuring the animals that the law entrusts, demanding l2immediato Pivellina recovery of the dog and calling for the enactment of the regulation of u'ordinanza reliable, on ' common example of the many Italians who have already opened our eyes to the phenomenon.
course of public awareness of the Marche, the National Animal Control trust in local and regional institutions and the Ministry of Health, which reported the case,
for real and transparent protection of law and protection of animals to which he devoted himself 140 years. by Enpa

June 20, 2010
Animals: Enpa complaint 'trade' between Italy and Germany dogs
taken from kennel Senigallia 'adopted' and then sold
Ancona - Senigallia in a kennel would be ongoing for some time, by a German organization, levies of dogs and then shipped to Germany. This was revealed by the National Board of Animal Protection of Ancona,''that included adopted dogs from individuals, with
obligations and commitments under the Framework Law 281/1991 and related ministerial regulations. But this' self-styled adoption as' custody immediately after the dogs are brought over the border
by emissaries of the organization and treated as property 'of this, which places them in temporary stalls then place them at prices ranging from 250 to 300 € for each animal.'' (ANSA).

June 23, 2010
Legambiente: warning traffic of dogs Brands - Germany
"Associations A Circle Legambiente Sibilla Civitanova Civitanova Marche,
long been engaged in the field for the implementation of laws on animal protection and the fight against all that is exploitation of stray dogs, support and sustain the strict stance of Ancona ENPA dogs on withdrawals of the Municipality of Senigallia, through self-styled adoptions, and selling them in Germany. "Such a story leads to general attention a situation that the same groups have already reported two months ago. Our region is currently suffering the effects of an insufficient adaptation of local policies to the objectives set for years framework law on the prevention of stray dogs: microchippatura dog ownership, incentives to sterilization, implementation and proper management of public
host education to the property manager. To this was added, because of our geographical position in the Peninsula, the consequences of reckless transfers from the South and even from Spain, by an unfortunate pseudoanimalismo more or less spontaneous, unexpected amount of animals.
not everyone knows that, but often these animals end up recycled into our kennel, eventually causing the collapse. Such a situation can not but attract the attention of many foreign organizations to "junk dealers of stray dogs," which, with every possible way, take possession of dogs for resale abroad with secure income, having regard to the gratuity of the prepayment. These trades more or less underground are much higher, in terms of consistency, to the much publicized trade of puppies from the East. To this should therefore serve the investment of public money, professional and volunteer
made by the State and local governments: to prepare the goods for free activities for profit disguised as animal welfare? They should rather be used to build a heritage of civilization, to heal, with animal welfare, company that integrates them as companions of life itself? Local governments are often tempted by easy escape routes and clear, which are actually traps designed only to increase the problems. The rigorous application of the rules
prevention of stray dogs would create a virtuous circle that would ultimately reduce costs sooner than imagine. It will also earn that civilization which, despite what they say, distinguishes our country richer than others, which, for example, the killing of animals is the primary means of controlling the dog population. Or where the law allows you to give your pet, if seriously ill, in a research laboratory. We turn therefore appeal to our region because it helps municipalities to enter into this virtuous circle, encouraging campaigns microchippatura and sterilization of dogs and ensuring the practice is strictly responsible for adoptions in shelters that need to be spaces of reception and re-entry into society and Pet stores do not sell-off. Therefore important to limit the reliably within the region, examples of other local Italian so that I can assist adoptive parents after
foster care and to perform checks that are part of legislation to protect animals. First of all, however, we demand that the town of Senigallia is not an accomplice in an offense, but recovered immediately Pisellino old puppy, stolen by a dummy structure that housed to be sold in Germany, and expected time from one local family ready to adopt it.
by Legambiente Sibilla


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