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How To Thin Out Can Frosting

trade and vivisection

the Adige
June 10, 2010 Report a MEP PDL:
abuse shelter in a stable Traffic stray Trentino accused
Attorney Exposed in: - Dogs sold abroad .-
Marica Vigano
An old barn in the countryside between Trento and Rovereto used periodically to confine stray dogs to Germany . There came a truck with the little animals and downloaded for a maximum stay of 24 hours. For some "mongrels"
collected mostly in the south of Italy, for the most vulnerable, the elderly or suffering from the long trip, the stable was the last leg of the journey to the north: between today and tomorrow will start the bulldozers to dig fields to see if there are animal carcasses in the ground, if someone - a nome che è già nelle mani degli inquirenti - abbia ucciso gli animali malati o "difficili" e, a scopo di lucro, e non per un semplice favore, abbia tenuto per qualche ora le bestiole destinate ai canili della Germania. Le accuse - pesantissime - nei confronti di un uomo di origine straniera e residente in Trentino sono contenute nell'esposto depositato alla procura di Rovereto e di Bologna dall'europarlamentare del Pdl Sergio Berlato, che si è avvalso della consulenza
dell'avvocato Massimiliano Bacillieri, dell'ononimo studio legale bolognese specializzato nel diritto degli animali. Una documentazione corposa è stata consegnata nei giorni scorsi ai carabinieri di Rovereto. Secondo quanto ricostruito dall'europarlamentare, in Italia
there would be an illegal and illicit trafficking of strays collected mainly in southern Italy and abroad for a traffic of dogs handled by animal welfare groups also suggest that, often
through websites, sponsorships. Everything would be from the complaint of a woman in the province of Milan for a year maintained a distance a dog that, in fact, was not in the kennel to which he sent the money but was in Germany. So a dog "ghost" that still benefit from the subsidies that the Italian towns of animals at shelters and even grants from the European Community and which would have been sold and taken abroad, according to documents obtained. - In Germany, taken from a mixed
a kennel has a price - said the lawyer Bacillieri - is bought at 50 € from Italy or Spain and sold .- Nell'esposto Lazio is the name of an association that takes care of foundlings
.- We found a contract signed by a German association of Lazio and the sale and transportation of dogs, says the lawyer. If the current version nell'esposto presented to the prosecuting authorities in Bologna and Rovereto proves correct, the Trent will have to respond to the animal, crimes related to breaches of animal welfare with the aggravating circumstance of the killing of dogs

L 'ADIGE June 11, 2010
The complaint: traffic dogs dissecting
Rovereto (TN) - For years, we talk about the case of dogs for vivisection and, above all, a busy trade in poor stray between Italy and the German world. The animals,
packed up trucks, are transferred to Germany and Austria, stopping, apparently, Vallagarina. To reopen the case of these alleged trip of death were the MEP of the PDL and Sergio Berlato Federfauna Massimiliano Bacillieri lawyer who filed two proxies vulnerable to Bologna and Rovereto.
According to them would be an act is illegal and unlawful for dogs to other countries also managed to animal welfare organizations that would do this business. "With threats and intimidation for those who try to expose activity that has a turnover of approximately € 40 million a year. " The blame would be binding "Lazio Kennels" which, not surprisingly, from time to organize trading for another absolutely legal, with Germany. The hook Lagarina, however, it must be a private barn north of Rovereto, in a few nights, would be transformed into makeshift hostel for dogs into Europe, in other words a sort of storage facility.
(Full article printed on the Adige) NG

Trafficking of puppies
1 - Rieti dogs kept in a kennel audience were the subject of "sponsorships" with people who paid for their livelihood. But in some cases people do not find them when they went to visit the kennel
2 - Lazio
According to the indictment, these dogs were collected and transported to medical research companies, for vivisection and research laboratories with traffic in the estimated value of more than 40 million
€ 3 - Rovereto
According to the charges the organization had a base north of Rovereto, in an old barn where the dogs to Germany were collected and sorted. The suspicion is that those in poor condition or died in transit were buried
4 - Germany
Here the dogs from animal shelters were sold to companies for medical research: a mongrel in good condition in this market, that is between 30 and 40 €. The complaint speaks of mafia infiltration in the trafficking of puppies.

FEDERFAUNA June 10, 2010
complaint dealt with stray kittens: business by 40 million ...
As every year, it is expected that this summer many dogs are abandoned by owners who want to go on vacation without "weights". But is not the only problem that can happen to
these "non-human living." Now comes the question of stray abroad, apparently involving even some so-called animal rights groups. It is the basis of the complaint to a complaint submitted to the prosecutor of Bologna and Trento by an MEP of the PDL, Sergio Berlato about a business da 40 milioni di euro l'anno. Tra le associazioni coinvolte, ci sarebbe anche un onlus molto vicina alla sottosegretaria alla salute, Francesca Martini. Il meccanismo ufficiale
sarebbe quello delle "adozioni a distanza" di cuccioli che invece, una volta fuori, spariscono o vengono indirizzati alla vivisezione o alla sperimentazione su viventi. In altri casi vanno semplicemente rivenduti, «poiché in Germania un meticcio preso da un canile ha un
prezzo». Ci sarebbe una testimone, una signora che avrebbe aderito all'adozione a distanza e che, non riuscendo a venirne a capo, si è recata in Germania per avere notizie del cucciolo per il quale pagava.
Risultato: è stata picchiata e hanno dato fuoco alla sua auto.

FEDERFAUNA June 10, 2010
Animals, Berlato: These are stray animals involved in ...
'Dogs adopted disappear abroad, threatened those who report "(Il Giornale Di Rieti) by the editorial board Thursday, 10 June 2010 Trafficking in illegal and illicit
stray dogs from Italy to other countries, also run by animal welfare organizations and on that do business with. With threats and intimidation, in some cases physical activity for those who try to expose 'which has a turnover "of about 40 million a year." Complaints are the basis of a complaint filed with prosecutors in Bologna and Trento by 'MEP of the PDL Sergio Berlato. A story in which would be just too important companies involved in animal protection. As explained Massimiliano Bacillieri, legal Bologna following the practice, the Association Kennels Lazio Onlus, "close to the Undersecretary of Health, Francesca Martini, who apparently did not notice what is happening."
The association, he said the lawyer, who spoke at a press conference where, in addition to drink it, there was a director of Federfauna, signed a protocol with the ASL Rieti, with
Tecnovett management company the shelter, two farms and a German, to "promote sponsorships." Except that, as with other "shelters in central and southern Italy, gli animali vengono spediti all'estero e, una volta fuori, i cuccioli spariscono o vengono indirizzati alla vivisezione o alla sperimentazione su viventi». In altri casi vanno semplicemente rivenduti, «poiché in Germania un meticcio preso da un canile ha un prezzo». Uno degli
effetti è che, quando un cittadino che aveva adottato un animale va a vederlo di persona, non ne trova traccia. Sorte che è capitata ad una signora che viene citata nell'esposto come testimone, e che, per l'avvocato, «solo per aver voluto sapere di più dell'animale per cui pagava è stata picchiata e le hanno bruciato l'auto». Ad un poliziotto, invece, «che si è imbattuto in un camion che trasportava i cani, dopo che ha tried to investigate, his son was kidnapped for a couple of hours
, 'Tips' silence'. Threats that the lawyer claimed to have received. It is trade, "disguised as charity," to quote Berlato. But they also question "
tax evasion and crime at the expense of municipalities which, by Bacillieri," give grants to shelters for animals that maybe they are already abroad for some time. " (ANSA)

FEDERFAUNA May 11, 2010
animal movements. Italy most good? If it's animal care !?!......
The press release entitled: "Trafficking in dogs abroad continued commitment of the Ministry
to protect animals from disease and in contrast to illicit movements of pet animals ", issued by the Ministry of Health on 9/06/10 FederFauna second is very interesting. It was released soon after news came of a exposed, deposited in several public prosecutors by MEP Sergio Berlato who complains about traffic in animals by "animal protection groups." The Ministry has stressed that: "In order to regulate international adoptions of dogs found in shelters Italians were organized technical meetings with all
animal protection associations and representatives of the Regions. "What? To find a solution to a problem of trafficking that involving animal welfare groups, animal rights organizations are right to be questioned? But the ministry emphasized that:
"has been called a Memorandum of Understanding which was formally proposed to the competent authorities of the countries where adoptions occur more frequently in order to provide additional
guarantees the traceability of animals. It provides In fact, the obligation to control by the veterinary services in the country of destination for dogs and their passports, and exchange of information between
official veterinary services. " It is at least permissible to have doubts about the feasibility of this project, since even the entire dog population is completely Italian censita dall'anagrafe canina. Visto che sembrerebbe non esserci nemmeno l'anagrafe canina in diversi dei Paesi destinatari. Visto che gli stessi dati sul fenomeno del randagismo, che proprio le associazioni animaliste ci propinano in mille occasioni, sono spesso tra loro contrastanti
(generalmente in calo se usati per far vedere quanto sono bravi e in crescita se c'è da chiedere dei soldi). Per quanto riguarda gli scambi di informazioni tra i servizi veterinari ufficiali, facendo
un parallelo tra il traffico di randagi, che fino ad oggi non sembra trovare una gran sensibilità da parte di molti media e nella propaganda delle maggiori associazioni animaliste, e il ben più pubblicizzato traffico di cuccioli dall'Est, i rappresentanti di FederFauna remember when they turned to the Hungarian authorities. When asked to help find solutions to the problem, as well as illegal introductions, even of the many loads of puppies partly to blame for all the certificates required by EU rules, however, seized and once in Italy, perhaps with the excuse of the supposed differences between the age stated by the first vet who had seen the dogs and that found by fellow Italian, the answer was that the Hungarians are European Union laws which in itself should be accepted and applied in the same way by all Member States . That they were trying to respect and enforce them in their country, but could do nothing once that the dogs had crossed the border. But Italy is perhaps best! ... We have animal rights activists who work with our Ministry! ...
Maybe tomorrow will come and tell us that if a dog is for sale in Germany and Austria on a site Pets and Animals was there the whole chain that has brought, it will be "ethical trade "!...


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