Monday, June 28, 2010

Homemade Hanging Pot Rack

exchange risk destination for the strays of Fermo

been over three years from the conversion of the former management Pluto Project Fauna refuge shelter that has ceased to exist when they took over the management has decided, probably not face the same accusations that he had addressed the association Outgoing transfer the dogs stayed at the old kennel in a shelter also referred to "animals in the area" as an example. New kennel so acclaimed, although still remains without its feasibility, but who can not cope with the new strays. Perhaps the awareness of the Association Project Pluto fauna and its numerous interventions to bear also acts to sterilize animals employers to prevent the spread and number of litters for leave, begins to feel as you start to feel the lack of box prepared without any knowledge of the facts. In the new dog kennel barely entered hook up for years and had to admit three animals of medium size large box in which the measures according to regional law, would allow the release of only two animals. Pure utopia to think that the "Village of the dog" would allow the entry of more strays! We know that all the straying rages on, either by the recklessness of many owners, either to a lack of control or because the habit which has long made its way into some of the characters to import from the South to place animals in North Center doing to exclude the possibility of adoptions of native animals. The fact is that we have heard that the two existing refuges in
stop, not being able to accept more "bums", Mayor of the area forcing some to turn to outside kennels ASL precluding the possibility of having at hand and under the eye animals that will hook up to the point of losing all their future accommodation.
Here, then, explained the reason for the sovrannumero dei cani presenti nel vecchio rifugio di Sant'Elpidio a Mare. Si è cambiata forzatamente la gestione, si è creato un rifugio che non riesce nemmeno a sopperire al randagismo dei 4 Comuni convenzionati, si spediscono cani a circa 70 Km. e, pillola amara finale, nessuna voce che accenna minimamente alla possibile quanto necessaria costruzione di un nuovo rifugio. Qualsiasi tipo di struttura indispensabile per fini sociali dovrebbe essere sempre commisurata al bisogno del territorio e non per il contrario.


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