Friday, June 18, 2010

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third takeover in the kennel for a short time


third takeover in the kennel for a short time

Province of Macerata - Will the Association for the Improvement of Men with the Animal Welfare
Ancona (AMUBA) the new operator of the municipal dog pound to Montefiore. The animal rights association takes over after a few months of management that the Anti failed to reach agreement with the municipality on the type of convenzione.Tra others were also strong political controversy arose between the majority and opposition when the latter denounced the exclusion of coop the social contract, thereby penalizing the Koinonia who ran the kennel in the work by inserting the disadvantaged. The lack of agreement with the ANTA, most likely originated on the economic nature, has led the municipality will have to cancel the allocation of management and carry out a new contract. The AMUBA chartered
regional associations of the sector, has been awarded the management with a bid of less than 2.50 euro per day per dog and proposing actions on kennel.


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