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Brambilla Matrix: The world judges us by how we treat animals

BIG HUNTER June 16, 2010
Brambilla Matrix: The world judges us by how we treat animals. No more hunting
Invited to Matrix, to discuss the problem of early summer, the Minister of Tourism, Michela Vittoria Brambilla, underlines its commitment towards the protection of animals. That theme, he explained, is fully within the powers of the Minister of Tourism, which must also deal
and especially the image of Italy in the world.
The world looks at us and judge us for how we treat animals, said the minister who spoke of cultural backwardness of our country because of a small minority who "just for fun it makes the creator of abuse, cruelty and killings loss of animals. "
The show, for example, turned a communication between the mailing list of animal welfare groups in recent days, starting from a foreign couple that after being on holiday in
an island south of Italy and have seen a pack of starving stray, said that he would not set foot in our country, calling for a boycott of Italian products.
There were direct references to the hunt. In a movie
initiative launched by the Minister for the affirmation of the concept of animal consciousness, he says "I do not believe that a minority of 750 000 hunters in the average age of 70, can claim to defend his case claiming arrogance with the freedom to kill defenseless animals
, when the vast majority of Italians feel offended by this gesture. I think it is possible and necessary to arrive at the abolition of hunting. "
Returning to study argued their opposition. "My positions have cost me all sorts of insults by hunters on their websites and in newspapers," continued Brambilla -, take this opportunity to clarify that I do and I operate a just distinction between the hunter who respects the rules and poaching, but not I believe that in our millennium is possible to accept an entertainment involving the killing of animals. "
to the Minister, then, poaching and hunting are closely related, because when you leave there is always room for those who go hunting outside the rules.
In support of its positions Brambilla said that "there is a beautiful
Ipsos poll showing that 90 percent of Italians considers hunting cruel, useless. "Finally a board for art lovers hunting," you can shoot or go pigeon hunting for beautiful photos of wild animals in their environment. "


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