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Berlato trafficking in dogs. Animal split

June 30, 2010

the controversy. Exposed dell'europarlamentare
Berlato complaint is the dog
animal split
Turek, "discredits the associations' disputes Federfauna But budgets

And this is not new. But this time also takes the field Federfauna Confederation of the farmers, traders and keepers of animals, but claims that the MEP Vicenza PDL. The exposed bone of contention by Berlato against some kennels and animal welfare groups accused of trafficking in dogs.
Berlato indicates "the illegal trafficking of wild dogs to European countries operated by self-styled animal protection associations and operators of kennels. In particular, there is documentary evidence of a Memorandum of Understanding between Lazio Kennels Association, and the refuge of the Prick
dell'Ulmo, The Guardian shadow, the international association in Not Hundepfoten and society Tecnovett shipping for all ' foreign dogs. " MEP suggests that these individuals would promote long-distance adoptions of dogs that were not actually in the structures
registrants. "Doubt - more - became a tragic and sordid reality with the discovery that, while being regularly paid allowances for adoption, its specimens were subject to illegal trade, sold to kennels or Swiss German, or operators of the circuit of industrial experimentation and vivisection. "
outcry, of course, by those concerned, but also of some animal welfare groups. In particular, Sara Turek, president of "Save the dogs and other animals" and MEP, commented that "Mr Berlato, Federfauna friend, the Italian lobby
largest circus, traders, importers of animals of all kinds, makes a complaint against some associations. The feeling is that there is a plan to discredit the voluntary zoophilic and that some animals (or assumed) to be used by those who should be i nostri primi nemici: i trafficanti di cani di razza, di animali esotici, i circensi e i cacciatori».
A Turetta e agli altri detrattori, come Lav Milano, replica Federfauna: «Sempre più persone - affermano - cominciano a chiedersi dove questi animalisti trovino i soldi per fare “lavoro di
lobbying”. Turetta è stata a Bruxelles, si è avvalsa di “società di pubbliche relazioni che fanno da apri pista alle associazioni” contattando i parlamentari dei vari paesi e fissando gli appuntamenti. Quanto costi questo tipo di attività sbandierata come “a favore degli
animali” non si sa, ma si sa che l'associazione presieduta dalla Turetta si occupa principalmente di cani randagi in Romania, which was founded in 2005 with a fund of one thousand euro and that from its 2009 budget appear to revenue over € 770mila and operating costs over 732mila, almost 480mila of "donations to the branch in Romania."


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