Saturday, November 27, 2010

Zeldox How Long Does It Take To Work

Tuesday, November 30 to 18 in Lesa City Council to vote to withdraw the assent of the Central Valley hernia

La questione della Centrale idroelettrica della Valle dell’Erno torna nel Consiglio Comunale Lesa convened for November 30 to 18 hours (a time repeatedly criticized by the Board of Lesa in the Heart because it encourages participation). The request for suspension and revocation of concessions granted is the fourth point of a Town Council that the agenda even further adjustment of the budget, an amendment to the three-year plan of Public Works regarding the investments planned for the port area Lesa Solcio and an interpellation in the Heart of the state of the war memorial and the memorial to the martyrs of the groove. Even in light of recent discussions is of particular interest right the vote on the Central hernia.


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