Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Lesa ... the City Council revoke the approval of the Central Valley hernia!

The question Hydroelectric power plant of the Valley of the hernia will return to Council. This time will not be in the form of interpellation, but it will be a real agenda item submitted to the vote of the members. "There is a time for words and another for acceptance of responsibility. - Said Gianni Lucini, leader of the Heart Lesa - Lesa City Council can not remain a spectator or be a place for debate in the abstract. We talked about the Central Valley of the hernia, the risk involved, the strength of the work and also the name of the owner of the concession. I think that every Councillor had the opportunity to form their own idea of question that everyone is beginning to take responsibility for the choices made by the Administration. Today we have submitted a proposed resolution calling for the withdrawal of consent Recommend to the project and works for the Central Valley hernia. Each director, whether majority and opposition, will assume the position as it deems appropriate, but one thing can not say in the future: I knew nothing. A vote is always an assumption of responsibility ... "
This is the text of the draft resolution submitted today:
" We the undersigned Councillors of the Municipal Group in the heart Lesa "Gianni Lucini, Conterio Mario, Diana and Celestina Tiziana Tozzi, pursuant to art. 7, paragraph 4, of the current Municipal Regulations for convening the meetings and the operation of the City Council calling for the inclusion in the agenda of a resolution in which it has Recommend the following:

City Council Lesa ,

circumstances - that the debate there has also recently on the construction of a plant for the production of electricity in the Valley of the hernia and the company Gator holder of concessions and the project has highlighted growing concerns and widespread opposition to the project;
- than ever this issue has been the subject of deliberation by the City Council Lesa;
- the withdrawal of any determination of the City of Lesa consent to the project;
- the mayor and council to implement any useful action to stop the project of Central to the production of electricity in the Valley of the hernia by the company Gator "


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