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's angels against hell-salvacavalli slaughterhouses


November 4, 2010 Here are the angels of hell against salvacavalli
slaughterhouses are called Horse and Angel are fighting to prevent the animals, once the players at the racetrack, will now be slaughtered

Oscar Grazioli

I've written several times (but repetita
iuvant) that when you are not vegetarian, make distinctions in
eat the flesh of this or that species becomes a problem ethically
very complex and delicate. One of my nieces,
of 11 years, which decided, in complete independence of the land
vegetarianism has left a dozen diners
shocked and without words, when faced with two slices of white meat, said to
aloud and without any fear: "Does the turkey has less
rights of other animals? You can have a little 'cheese, for
please? ".
Moreover, while acknowledging the ethical reasons of early
girl, when I think of the extraordinary importance that avuto il
cavallo nella storia dell'uomo, non posso esimermi dal tributargli un
altrettanto straordinario rispetto. Il cavallo ha permesso all'uomo di
spostarsi, di muoversi, di fuggire e di trovarsi, ha concesso ai popoli
di coprire distanze infinite. Senza il cavallo l'uomo non sarebbe
l'uomo. Nessuno può sindacare se chi sente nel profondo, questo debito
di riconoscenza evita di mangiare carne di cavallo e così pure di asino
e mulo, altri animali che vantano enormi crediti verso l'umana specie.
Per decine d'anni medici ignoranti hanno consigliato il pesto di
cavallo crudo «che fa buon sangue» e la gente si ammalava di
trichinellosi e salmonellosi.
Il problema
of horse meat is complicated by the fact that the horses used regularly in the sport
end up on the tables, often after taking doping agents
of any kind, including Viagra, as verified
some time ago in the hippodrome of semi-clandestine Naples, where 80 horses have tested positive
the blue pill. If someone were to think that
street racing, doping and slaughterhouses in the garage are a phenomenon that concerns
few criminals, think again. Yes, of course, Viagra
fill a horse, like a lemon and squeeze it when
lungs and heart do not make more, send it into a dirty "low"
to end his life hanging on the hook, is the stuff of criminals.
But there is another type of crime that it is hard to define this only because the law does not prohibit
. How is it possible to train a horse, keep up
close the night before the race, hug him when he wins, then take him
slaughter only because it is a little torn tendon

that will not allow him to place themselves more? How dare you
look in the eye and extends the last pat before
pushing the gun while he paws and back off because he feels
the stench of death? With the value of being cowards.
directed toward the athletic activities would be entitled, Once finished
career, an honorable and possibly not the eternal rest. For
this principle essentially go down in the Horse Angels,
the Association for the Protection of Horses and many other animal welfare organizations which have held
for November 14 in Rome, the paraded
a parade, the former riding of Villa Borghese, Piazza di Siena
to say no to the slaughter of horses. It
estimated that in Italy, 100,000 horses a year end up in the circuit
slaughter, more or less legal. The parade will end with the
delivery of thousands of signatures collected in favor of the proposal by Mr
. Ash (PDL) against the slaughter horses and the horse
recognition as pets.
hope will be a long, peaceful procession and heard.


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