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Bolero, death and life

Hallowdave the Night Black Lama Mocogno, Mo (31.10.10)
Pictures Great with editing by Dave Sotero

The Bolero was a big cargo, probably with Panamanian or Liberian flag, which spotted the Cold Harbor The Hague in the autumn of 1998 . It was my first visit to the Dutch capital, which had achieved with a trip of about 24 hours on a continental coach to play before an audience of four people, none of which paid off. It was the classic situation where we start to go above, around, conoscere e conoscersi. Nei mesi precedenti avevo fatto scelte decisive per la mia vita e avevo da poco rimesso le mani su una chitarra, gettandomi nella scrittura di molte canzoni in inglese - e qualcuna in italiano. Il Bolero aveva un aspetto nero e pesante, almeno lì all'ancora nelle acque già gelide per la stagione e sferzate dalla tramontana. Probabilmente, mi dicevo, ha un aspetto diverso quando fila in alto mare nel sole dei Caraibi. A suo modo era inquietante come un ricordo sgradito o una memoria del futuro; lui mi guardava e io lo osservavo per ore, mangiando gamberetti fritti conditi con maionese nei chioschetti al riparo dal vento. Il suo ventre era un'enorme massa scura che mi ricordò lo scafo dei navigli che portavano merci su e giù for the Casamance, at the time of my visit to West Africa, nine years before.

In the nights at the home of Joanna, and the whole family slept in the quiet of small capital, sometimes going down to smoke in the lounge overlooking the small garden in back. There was a good sound there, and quite large in the shaft clear of furniture. It was there that I wrote in one of those nights September Moon, a song and then abandoned completely in its original version, but that became September moon. It began as a slow litany on a classical guitar very old and infirm, who wore funny black nylon strings that I had tuned in D open. The song was sad but I felt good, welcomed by a strong creative streak that I was assaulted by a few months and would continue as a stream euphoric and painful for a couple of good years. At that time, I was able to stay whole days on the same track or even on the same passage of fingerpicking, until I was not able to play in an absolutely clean and the speed you want - and then faster and faster until the climax, for then finally go to a new composition.

few months later, the winter of '98 and '99, the illness of my mother, the teacher, took a decisive turn ugly. I devoted myself to several mesi esclusivamente a lei, pur continuando a scrivere canzoni e tornando fugacemente a mettere piede su qualche palco in compagnia di Anna Palumbo, detta "il Maestro". In quei mesi l'immagine del Bolero ancorato all'Aia mi seguì e si fece viva più volte, generando poco più che qualche appunto mentale; fu solo nella notte tra il 6 e il 7 settembre , nelle ultime ore dell'agonia di colei che mi aveva generato, che iniziai a scrivere su un foglio verde i versi del "mio" Bolero . Scrivere quella canzone fu per me una necessità assoluta, una questione di vita o di morte interiore. Non mi risparmiai e ne affrontai la composizione come se da essa potesse dipendere la comprensione, o l'esorcismo, delle angosce that has always gripped me more. He came out a good piece that began immediately to play live and liked a lot, as were songs that pushed me more toward the Italian, making translate into my native language songs that were born in English, as The Last Of Blues Hell Street ( Via Hell , written on a regional train at night) or Another Piece Of Heaven ( Storm, written after the meeting to cast away by a mysterious person and unknown, at other times inspired me a lot of good songs).

then many things have happened. In 2000 and 2001 I recorded several songs, especially in English, then returned to the Netherlands to the live broadcast that is partially finished album Dr.Dave & Mr.Haze , published in 2008. There were even years without music and madness, which - in its less deleterious aspects - has given rise to songs like The golden age of porn I hope to take new life in a forthcoming project. In 2006 I happened to pass back to the Netherlands, where what was to be rapid transit airport turned into an unwelcome holiday deals dall'infallibile judicial system of Queen Beatrix. It was then that I began to write songs and I realized that in a life so short and unpredictable as ours, the worst thing to do is to postpone the appointments with their emotions and creativity. Back in Italy, I triggered the process that has led us to present record Bolero, which has the name of that ship, which opens with the song started on September 7 eleven years ago.

The process was very long and required, so obviously not continuous, 32 months plus one for the publication itself. It 'been so long and hard that they could scarcely find the energy to tell at this ridiculous time of night for me is now systematically merged with the day. The album ended up collecting a lot of songs already known and played live, but also songs that even I was expecting to be included in a recording project, which Casimir's shop (it was the favorite of my mother and has just undergone major transformations while recording) or the brainy Lindsay , mix and stolen my dreams and visions to others, then soaked wet and bloody mood of the porticoes of Bologna. Only one of these songs was written recently in the fall of 2007, and the engineers of tomorrow and is a song from the bizarre structure and somewhat surprising, then followed by other new songs who, now free, thankfully continue to flow.

realized this was a kind of enterprise that required an extraordinary use of time, finance, energy. It 'been a little' how to cross the Sahara in bare feet without ever having been the first in Africa, walking 18 hours a day and then stopping to rest for a few weeks, in the vicinity of few pools of water. The Bolero was born and raised, thanks to the love and care for new companions, exclusively for my need to weld some of those old accounts. Without this motivation, the most urgent of any assessment market, we could not have done. When we started, I had very vague knowledge of how to make a hard and all you need to do, during and after, so that their work reaches an audience of a certain size. With patience and the help of many, and I've learned gradually, without ever questioning the creative matrix that has remained pure, untouched in its reproduce the work that had just been lying in my chest for eleven years, putting in the background all that was contingent on our way. Also for this reason it has taken so well for this I would not have done it without everyone's help and all those who have understood the essential need to create a work taking into particular account of itself and of the situations that had generated.

registering Bolero Blues Sex Studio (Spring 2008)
Photo of John Cantoni

not have been possible without Patrizia Ferrarini, who has played or sung in 9 of the 13 songs on the album, giving an ocean color that has always been concealed in these songs, closed liriche senza trovare, sino al mio incontro con lei, il ragionevole output sonoro che le sue percussioni hanno invece reso tangibile ai sensi. Non sarebbe stato possibile senza la solida esperienza di Antonio Righetti e Danny Montgomery , la voce e i consigli di Alessandra Ferrari , l'istintiva genialità dei Bagend , la raffinata precisione di Matteo Toni , l'armoniosa umanità di Marino Brusiani , la pazienza e le conoscenze di Andrea " Fonta " Fontanesi , Davide Cristiani , Stefano Cappelli e Alizarine . Né sarebbe stato possibile senza il sostegno Human my niece Elena , which this work is dedicated as is the memory of my mother, the teacher, whose body has left us just as the Bolero was born in like a song. In this way I would like to make a small tribute to those threads that bind the generations together, in positive efforts to be themselves and themselves in an attempt to understand the human phenomena and to deal firmly with the drifts and a constancy of mind you probably have never owned, or maybe I just started practicing during this long journey through myself who took the name of Bolero . For this reason, rather than for their excellent support while technical and artistic, deeply thank all the people I mentioned, in addition to all and all those who have helped along the road.

In the face of hard times and the future uncertain, I can say that it has completed a significant portion of the small work that everyone call their own existence - and thus inevitably contributes to hatch that great work which is the collective existence. The Bolero I know I have accomplished an important task within and perhaps rebalanced to have some karmic imbalance, breaking some of those plots of negativity, feeling unseen, often destroying più di una vita. Quotidianamente assaporo i frutti di quest'impegno, circondato dalla stima e dall'amore di un gran numero di nuovi compagni e compagne di viaggio; fosse anche solo per questo, sono profondamente felice di aver intrapreso una strada sia pur così dolorosa e difficile, come lo è affidare il proprio oggi e il proprio domani alla musica e alle parole. Verrà un giorno non lontano in cui i venti e le maree rimescoleranno le nostre ceneri, spazzando via come un siluro tutto ciò che non serve al proseguimento della vita. In questi termini, queste 13 canzoni hanno l'ambizione di restare ed è con questo scopo che oggi ve le offriamo.

but if I could tell as I am
if there were an easy way to say goodbye
burn hurts
but not burn it hurts a lot more

Apples and Newton, "The Flight"


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