Monday, November 8, 2010

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Doghouse The Doghouse Statto IMPROPERLY ADMINISTERED IN?


For months, perhaps even more than a year, Gianpaolo Vietri, city councilor Opposition (PDL), studied the stray problem, with particular reference to administrative matters, and having produced a wealth of documentation, performs during a press conference, data, bills, acts, from which emerge a series of questions. Asked the same Vietri, having had a number of explanations from the Director of field, Dr. Anna Maria Franchitti, in the hearings of the Committee guarantees, addressed directly with a question for written answer, the mayor Stephen. The main objective of Vietri is to know the state of affairs in particular reference to the management of shelter located near the territory of Leucapside Statte, currently entrusted by the 'National Association of Protection of Animals. Two of the most important questions: 1) what administrative and contractual arrangements-is used for the conventional expectations of the management after his release from seizure, 2) what checks were made on the actual number of dogs housed and are regularly recognized in the process of payment the Municipality of Taranto.

"First," Vietri said in a lengthy and detailed memory handed out to journalists should be noted that the structure is in place Leucaspide without authorization, as lacking the minimum sanitary facilities provided for the shelter, and that all ' Here there are asbestos-cement panels ... not encapsulated, not by chance that the property was in the past NIRDA impounded by the Forest Service and was assigned to the management, the judicial authorities, in case the wing. "The first point included in the request to the mayor then refers to the absence of administrative acts; Vietri Stef├áno asks:" If there is an adequate measure of administrative value to regulate the relationship of the municipal administration with the DOOR from the date of release from seizure of the doghouse now ... or whether the 'Directors considered a simple letter of' Councillor Contino sufficient to justify the payment of the amounts claimed DOOR association over the past two years "We then move on aspect number of dogs housed; Regional Law no. 12/1995, confirmed by another regulatory measure no. 26/2006, states that the shelter structures must accommodate a maximum of 200 units. Vietri noted that the ASL in November of 2008 has recorded no. 225 dogs housed in kennels Statte Taranto. In December 2009, the town of Taranto recognized the right of payment of maintenance for a total of 367 dogs, 167 more then the legal limit. The second question to the mayor then is: "how come the number of dogs in charge of the town of Taranto is significantly larger than those reported by ASL-TA1 in November 2008 in the presence of a ban on introducing more animals within the structure? "Questions not to be underestimated so that concern aspects of administrative legitimacy. The document finally show some discrepancies with regard to the expenditure for the kennels. For the managed structure, it is not known at this point to that title, from 'DOOR, the municipality recognizes € 2.23 per day dog \u200b\u200bmaintenance costs structure. The shelter is given a suite instead of a straight day to 1.77 euro per dog which includes the depreciation for the construction of the shelter and all operating costs and maintenance. Vietri The question at this point is what adds value resulting from reliance management structure to a non-profit organization. It is now the mayor to answer.


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