Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pokemon Silver Soul Antifreeze

For the Central Valley hernia Time is running out of words

The sign was not right? Here's a new one.
The issue of the Central Valley hernia increasingly resembles the shell game. A week after our photo spread of the cartel which reported that the period of work was set in February (see first picture above) is put up a new sign, much more complete and detailed with which it re-sets to 2013 the end of everything (see the second photo below). Meanwhile, intensified inspections, liaise with landowners affected by the central and its ducts in an attempt to get the sale without resistance. The City of Lesa what it does? Nothing or, better, despite the position taken by the City Council asking to rethink the whole thing
seems content with the fact that neither the Province of Novara, let alone that of the VCO seem to have no intention to withdraw from opinions and permits issued. If the institutions are the fish in a barrel touches, again, to us, to those who live in the area. As we always said we do not delude ourselves on the final result, but we would like to know that we are not going to easily give up our territory at the mercy of private interests. If the council does the fish barile, noi no. Per questo chiediamo a tutti di aiutarci in un'impresa che sembra impossibile ma che va comunque tentata. Fermiamo la Centrale. Ce la faremo? Chi può dirlo... forse no, forse si. Una battaglia giusta va data perchè è giusta. Di fronte al possibile avvio dei lavori oggi il tempo delle parole si sta esaurendo. È tempo d'iniziativa e non di giustificazioni...


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