Sunday, March 13, 2011

Free Dragon Ball Z Doujins

... And check with the third graders sign with a new beginning and a new work order

For two days the bulldozers began work in the Valley of the hernia for the construction of the Central and the site was placed a new cartel, the third in a few days.
In this (last?) Commencement of work is scheduled for March 11, 2011 and end on July 11, 2011.
We are always curious to understand the stories of these dancers made signs to decorate an almost wrong to attack our territory ....
We'll talk together in the assembly that will keep public March 19 to 15 directly to the Valley ...
who should report to ensure that this new sign no indication of the city nella quale ha sede la Delta Engineering, cioè ditta che sta svolgendo i lavori. ( Se volete correggerlo a mano si tratta di Villadossola )


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