Friday, March 11, 2011

Black And Decker Snake Light Commercial

In the Valley of the hernia, there are the bulldozers. Now the two stations could become

Mentre è partita la costruzione della Centrale della Gator è cominciato l’iter per costruirne una seconda. Noi continuiamo a non essere d’accordo con la devastazione della nostra Valle

Sabato 19 marzo alle ore 15
per un’Assemblea direttamente nella Valle, in prossimità Construction of

( a few hundred meters from the entrance, follow the arrows to be laid. If the road is closed we will be directly to the Valle )

We still do not give up the idea that our valley is affected by devastating work that will forever change the state of places and that does not happen to social utility, but for the benefit of groups of individuals, taking the water of the river Erno, intending to produce electricity to sell on the market . It is beginning to think of a second plant.
Yet even now, now everything seems to fall not want to stand still and do nothing.
As we have said many times that there are battles to be given even when everything seems determined, even at the cost of losing them. Is not it time for hesitation or distinctions. Let us always remember that day in the future, maybe someone will call to account for our behavior and tells us: "How could it happen that someone gets hold of our water, ravaged our country, change the nature of our valley?". At that time we could tell that we have tried to resist but we lost, or we could tell all along that one day in front all'insipienza and cowardice of institutions that people who live in these areas has decided not to give their future to anyone and has started to move. We are to think about what you can still do.


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