Thursday, February 10, 2011

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at risk the social use of the House of Rest "E. Lambertenghi "Lesa

City Council, the Heart Lesa come back to the structure of the "House of Rest E. Lambertenghi "Lesa. In an interpellation earlier had focused their attention on the delays in restructuring and this time instead of addressing the issue of the gradual decay of the function and use of social structure. This is the text interpellation submitted
" The undersigned directors of the Municipal Group in the Heart Lesa" Gianni Lucini, Mario Conterio, Celestina Diana and Tiziana Tozzi, recalling a similar previously submitted an interpellation

note the continuing uncertainty about the work Reset and renovation of old people's home called "E. Lambertenghi "started in November 2008 and not yet completed;

concerned about the gradual decay of the use of a social structure created to meet the particular needs of the elderly population, especially the poorest. In this respect still remember how in 2007 the structure was in a discrete feature with 5 guest rooms and in a number ranging from 5 to 8 users benefiting from the social service of the table. In the following years the situation has gradually changed for the worse. Three guests, health problems, were transferred to structures adapted to their needs, but no one has taken their place. In his answer to questions related to the pre-Melon Councillor suggested that there were no new requests, but taken from other news sources would rather that no new request is not accepted;
recall that
December 20, 2010 during the Christmas dinner at the presence Councillor Melon, some invited, works and the only guest the Mayor had expressed its intention to strengthen the structure of working on new projects to increase the reception capacity and social function. That statement was contradicted a few days later by a further reduction of services ..

For these reasons appeal to the Mayor and Alderman Melone this interpellation to know
- If it is true, why and available to those who would not accept new applications for possible reviewers in 2010
- Which both the overall project on the structure of the Executive. "


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