Thursday, February 17, 2011

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timed Central Valley of the hernia?

The story of the Central Valley of the hernia has come to an end? If you read the sign posted on the fence of the yard looks like it is. The date of commencement of work indicated is August 5, 2010, while that by the end of the same was set for February 9, 2011. In fact never started any work, except the laying of the plastic enclosure on the site would have to rise to the Central Ave. To learn more and to test the intentions of the Municipal Advisory Group in the Heart of Lesa submitted an interpellation to the specific text of which is as follows:
"We the undersigned Councillors of the Municipal Group Lesa in the heart "Gianni Lucini, Mario Conterio, Celestina Diana and Tiziana Tozzi,
found that
• after the commencement of employment practices urgency of the land intended to accommodate facilities for the new power station in the Valley of the hernia early work was formalized by the installation of a fence on the mobile site where presumably had to be made the central
• After the extension of ' beginning work, the closing of the same had been deferred to February 9, 2011 as seen from the sign posted on the site;
this interpellation addressed to the Mayor to know
• if, after the unanimous approval of the document to reconsider the question , we can now definitely and finally consider the possibility for achieving the Central Valley hernia.

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