Thursday, February 3, 2011

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in the Heart back to ask what the real intentions of the City of Lesa Cavallini

Nearly two years after a previous interpellation Lesa's advisers in the Heart back to consult the Mayor on the history of the School, the Park and Villa Cavallini. The leader Gianni Lucini notes that there is a need to come back having "... the persistent difference between words and concrete actions, which is characterizing the action of the City of Lesa and the apparent ambiguity of the provincial administration." The fear is that it is considering the transfer to private school area is moved elsewhere. "What would be the point-continuous Lucini - Selling to the last brick that others, with difficulty, we have left? It would only demonstrate that the directors of today are not prepared for their work ... Should instead develop a project that is standing and that if necessary to combine private and public. In the past you've made some interesting hypotheses but then lacked the desire, the support or the courage to send them forward. What is worrying is the lack of ideas and proposals and, in some cases, ignorance of the issues .... " Now the issue returns to the City Council. This is the text of interpellation submitted
"We the undersigned Councillors of the Municipal Group in the heart Lesa" John Lucini, Mario Conterio, Celestina and Tiziana Diana Tozzi
state of substantial inertia of public institutions in respect of the School, the park and the Villa Cavallini
this interpellation addressed to the Mayor to know
• What are the intentions of the Mayor and the city administration about the school and the renovation and development of the Villa Cavallini and its park.
• If they are accurate reports of statements by the Mayor in favor of alienation in favor of private ownership of the entire Cavallini
• Why were not used funds (financed with a loan of CC.DD.PP.) of 167,000 Euro available by the Province to waterproof the roof of the school. • Who decided
welding Hurdles boundary of the park, why and how have cost the work involved;
• What is the position of the City on the breezy cases of transfer of the school in another municipality. "


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