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approved the law on vivisection: Europe takes a step back

Admission experiments on stray

NEWS September 9, 2010 The new Law on vivisection. Allowed In experiments on stray
protests and controversy,
launched the new EU directive on animal testing. Permissible in special cases
on stray dogs and cats and chimpanzees. Every year 12 million
of animals used for scientific experiments

The final text adopted in Strasbourg gave rise to many controversies, forty
MEPs left the Chamber and the indignant response of
animal was immediate.
Michael Kuan, National Lav
argues that the text adopted is disappointing, especially with the
scientific advances and the emergence of alternatives to the use of animals
even harder the position of League antivivisection
(Leal), who warns: "A law is a measure of Vivisector,
not obliged to use alternative methods to test the animals
even where they exist." The association of all the reports
'concessions' to the science labs with reference to articles
the new law, listing practices worthy of the mind of Hannibal Lecter
Among the most controversial points of the measure, there is
openness to experimentation on dogs and stray cats, if the purpose of scientific
not be reached otherwise (Article 11);
Notwithstanding the use of non-human primates (monkeys anthropomorphic, art. 55);
the trial without anesthesia or analgesia if the researchers
consider appropriate (Article 14). What worries the most

champions of animal rights is the fact that the new legislation,
likely to be even more violent: the clarification
experiments that involve fewer animals should not deceive the
zoophilic, as the text also specifies that the experiment on the same guinea pig
can be repeated several times, if the intensity is "moderate." Each year in Europe
twelve million animals are used for research purposes
. One statistic that does not take into account the
invertebrate species and use of animals killed for tissues and organs.
In our country, the obligation to transpose the European standard
could worsen the situation of many domestic mammals, unless
not be interpreted in a more restrictive maintaining the poles
currently in force in Italy, where the law on vivisection
is more rigid.
Between the lines of the new legislation is
who sees the influence of the lobby of multinational drug companies, which would
lobbied to open loopholes in a bill
designed with the intention of reducing the suffering of the mice and
to strengthen controls on laboratories.

favor of or opposed to vivisection?

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