Friday, September 17, 2010

How Much Money Is A Pearl Necklace

Kissexy Lesa quoted by the magazine "Rolling Stone"

The concert of Kissexy Lesa August 1 has been reported in an article by Filippo Casaccia the Italian edition of Rolling Stone magazine, Number 83 September 2010 (cover is Patti Smith), now on newsstands! On page 35 is about a little girl, Sophie (the daughter of Philip) began the world of "live rock and roll" at our concert. Here's an excerpt: "... this summer I spotted a sign announcing the KISSEXY in concert at Lesa on Lake Maggiore. For Sofia real thing or tribute band, and it makes no difference to 21:30 of August 1, fitted caps and after an afternoon nap forced the door to the sports field where Barbara, Sara, Elena and Sergio (guitar solo is male privilege) pay their tribute to the women's band Stanley & Simmons. The KISSEXY get along amiably with classical , make up the faithful, want to have fun and a bigmouth bass player who spits blood as it is a must ... "


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