Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting Smell From Projector Screen

FederFauna Guberti deposits exposed on the case and the way to animalistopoli

September 15, 2010

deposits exposed on the case and the way to Guberti "animalistopoli"

on animal welfare and economic interests and power masked by those bandied about in defense
animali.7 of the Prosecutor, 29 pages
exposed, 462 attachments, videos and a CD with lots of photos
, 10 people called to testify directly, more '
all those who want to hear the magistrates. These are the numbers exposed last
deposited by FederFauna
have been committed by the end of December 2008 to present, on the case of livestock pointer
Del Vento di Ravenna and the many doubts raised about the management of animal seizure and
by officials of the Forestry and
animal welfare groups. The complaint, together with other numerous acts
judicial colleagues, including complaints and lawsuits filed in recent months
, could bring together into one big investigation that someone has already
'baptized' animalistopoli. Recall
including the complaint filed in early June by MEP Sergio Berlato for
report the involvement of the animalistic
in trafficking of illegal
stray dogs from Italy and abroad that filed in July by the Hunters
Lombardi, again with FederFauna in
about the economic benefits of a non-profit animal welfare organizations
compared with their positions and initiatives that have little utility
of 'social (also based on the questions of Senator
Valerio Carrara). Those acts, on the whole, aim to shed light on
economic interests and power, by so many associations
animals, which are hidden under those ballyhooed
in defense of animals, and to report crimes, that to bring benefits to anyone,
produce damage or injustice to many honest citizens and
no real benefit to the animals. The announcement on the case dell'esposto
Guberti, a case that has also generated several questions from MPs
UDC, the PDL and the Northern League, is just before
to come back before the Senate a draft bill called "ratification

of the European Convention on pets in 1987, "which has little
ratification since the Italian law in over twenty years
reached more than suggestions, but will propose an amendment to the Criminal Code
. This change would equalize for
gravity 'an intentional offense to manslaughter in a case of maltreatment of animals and
thus make even more 'easy to seize animals
property' to be assigned to animal welfare groups, which may also require
maintenance costs (no limit set
) who suffered the seizure. As for complaints,
light of the numerous well-known names that contain, among them those of
people being part of public administration and also considering the gravity of the crimes
on which they want to light, and FederFauna is 'already' proposal
to organize some short press conferences.


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