Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cubefield Cheat Fixed

alternated in the Advisory Group in the Heart of Lesa. Monica Rhodes comes out and enters Mario Conterio

The leader Gianni Lucini had somehow made it clear during the meeting of the Public May 20, when he said: '... Councillors up to us to respond especially to the voters of our mandate and maybe have some rotation if you think you might otherwise give our contribution. Today more than ever a sense of civic commitment in building a more just society ignores the institutional positioning. Being directors is a role, but it is not the only possible in a community of people active and engaged Lesa as in the Heart. . Already at the outset of Mauritius Tagini, outgoing director and confirmed he had preferred to leave your seat to Tiziana Tozzi engaging in the construction of the Association and of the newspaper. In recent days, Monica Rhodes resigned from the office of Councillor Hall with a note points out that "... such a decision, due to recruitment of other responsibilities and personal duties, as happened with the resignation of Maurizio Tagini Rotates the list of those elected in the Heart of Lesa. The undersigned will continue its commitment in the Association Lesa in the Heart. " Took his place in the Council Municipal Mario Conterio.


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