Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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In the days of the holiday season the overwhelming majority of citizens to Lesa was spotted arriving for an additional folder salt the Tarsu (Fee for disposal of municipal solid waste) have to pay in addition to discovering what has already been paid for the same item a new sum of money due to the recalculation of the usable area of \u200b\u200btheir homes since 2005. More are expected in late payments and interest on the outstanding amount. Municipal Councillors on the subject of the "Lesa in the heart" Gianni Lucini, Mario Conterio, Celestina Diana and Tiziana Tozzi, an interpellation submitted to the Mayor in which he asked:
• whether familiar with the question: how many citizens have
• received the folder indicated in the preamble;
• whether aware of the fact that the law 311/2004, also called the Circular 13 / T of 7 December 2005 to the Territorial expected to require municipalities to change office areas reported by the taxpayer for the purpose of Tarsu, then submitted to interested citizens without application of any interest or more;
• Whether and to what extent the City of Lesa has updated its contribution of citizens without any charge to them;
• if the conduct of the investigation has been carried out in compliance with current regulations that require the involvement of concerned citizens from the stage of investigating the unlawful penalty the action taken;
• considers whether and to what extent observed in investigating and in issuing della cartelle quanto disposto dalla legge 212 del 27-07-2000 (Statuto dei diritti del contribuente);
• quale sia la cifra totale a carico dei cittadini di Lesa risultante dalla somma di arretrati, interessi e more delle cartelle di cui in premessa e quanto di questa cifra vada alla ditta che ha compiuto gli accertamenti;
• se non ritenga di revocare l’emissione e il pagamento di dette cartelle provvedendo a un nuovo calcolo di quanto realmente dovuto dai cittadini.


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