Monday, December 20, 2010

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Why waste the citizens pay more?

Per i rifiuti i cittadini di Lesa, primi a praticare la raccolta differenziata fin dal lontano 1994, pagano un prezzo piĆ¹ salato di altri comuni appartenenti al Consorzio Gestione Rifiuti Medio Novarese. Non is a matter of homogeneous land areas and even areas that saw lower rates also occur in the territory of municipalities are very close to that of Lesa. What is the reason for this situation? The group advised by Lesa in the Heart has asked the Mayor with an interpellation which reads as follows:

" The undersigned directors of the Municipal Group in the heart Lesa" Gianni Lucini, Mario Conterio, Celestina Diana and Tiziana Tozzi , note that

• the cost of waste service to be paid by residents of the City of Lesa is significantly higher than in other municipalities within Waste Management Consortium Middle Novarese also very close to us. • Lesa
the City of not very active in the Waste Management Consortium Middle Novarese or on or on some management problems that have been raised in recent days as the possible decision to host the landfill Ghemme consortium of polluting waste from the nearby Lombardy whose environmental and economic costs would fall on all the municipalities in the consortium

For this reason, this interpellation addressed to the Mayor to know
• what is the process of training costs associated with managing the cycle of waste in our municipal
• what are the reasons for such a marked difference in the cost borne by similar between municipalities and citizens belonging to the Consorzio
• if it is not considered a useful step up action to the Waste Management Consortium Middle Novarese to avoid bad choices in terms of environmental, social and economic end up compromising a ' balanced management of the waste problem
. "


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