Friday, December 10, 2010

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Our criticism of the Central Valley get an initial result of the hernia

" When we have started to question the design of the controller of the Valley of the hernia seemed to be too late and you could not say another word. Then slowly with tenacity and passion we have managed to re-open spaces that seemed closed. Today all the City Council recognizes the validity of our dubbi. Non è la conclusione della vicenda, ma un interessante e promettente passo avanti. Adesso dobbiamo rilanciare la questione anche ad altri livelli». Così il Capogruppo di Lesa nel Cuore Gianni Lucini ha commentato il documento approvato all'unanimità nel consiglio comunale di Lesa del 9 dicembre che riapre la discussione sulla Centrale Idroelettrica della Valle dell'Erno. Il testo del documento approvato è il seguente:

« Il Consiglio Comunale di Lesa


• che il dibattito sviluppatosi anche recentemente sulla realizzazione di una centrale idroelettrica nella valle Valle dell'Erno ha evidenziato da parte del gruppo consiliare "Lesa in the Heart," concerns as a result of analysis of published data on the strength and financial capacity of the company Gator Bologna, holds the concession for the construction of the project and environmental opposition to the project. •

that considers it its duty to address these concerns and opposition, while being aware of the difficulties could possibly stop a project already approved in Services Conference, and as such, defined "public interest";

• that in the meantime were published in the Official Journal 219, September 18, 2010 guidelines to Legislative Decree no. 387/2003 and the Piemonte region issued in 2009, the "Programmatic Report Energy, "aims to combine the attainment of energy goals with minimization of environmental impacts on land and on human health;

• the reading of such documents confirming the desirability of particular caution in issuing permits in areas high environmental value, even though the case of plants producing renewable energy, however, cautions that in the Conference Services had been requested by the City of its Lesa;

gives authority to the Mayor and the Board:
• send to Water Resources of the Province of VCO, which granted the concession, and the Province of Novara, Sector III: Environment, Ecology, Energy, N.43 copy of Board resolution of September 28, 2010, in which they expressed the concerns of the Council Chamber Group "Lesa in the Heart" on Gator Company, for their vantazione;

• to ask, to those local governmental authorities, to check whether the authorization granted to the Company at the time Gator appears today in contrast with recent national and regional provisions on renewable energy installations and, if so, whether, for now, conditions are ripe for the withdrawal of
concession. "


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