Thursday, October 28, 2010

How Long Do People Live With Williams Syndrome

To what extent are the work of the Nursing Home "E. Lambertenghi "Lesa?

long the building of the House of Rest "E. Lambertenghi "Lesa is affected by the work. The start of the operation was done in 2008 and still has not ended. Diana tells Tina, city councilors in the group of Lesa Heart "during a visit / inspection took place in July we noted that some people who inhabit the structure showed an obvious discomfort." Today, after three months of the visit in two years beginning of the work group in the Heart of Lesa Board decided to submit an interpellation on the subject. The text is as follows:
"We the undersigned Councillors of the Municipal Group in the heart Lesa" Gianni Lucini, Mario Conterio, Celestina Diana and Tiziana Tozzi,
as the renovation of the structure of the House of Rest "E . Lambertenghi "are under way for a long time since I started in November 2008;

remember that after the award of the first six apartments, the work was to continue with the completion of five other housing and part of the mezzanine addressed to the clinic medical and social assistance;
that during a visit in July has identified a clear condition of hardship imposed on persons who live in the facility;
that in that occasion was also discussed with a coach who announced the 'imminent start of work on the lift, however, untimely and inappropriate at this time next to leave, because they would lead to the closure of the only piece of private garden at the guests.
For these reasons, this interpellation addressed to the Mayor
to know - at what point are the works;
- when you start the work of the lift (expected by September 30);
- when are expected to be completed apartments remaining and if we are required;
- where it is expected to be completed surgeries;
- what are the intentions of the Executive on the premises for a lodging house "


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