Monday, April 5, 2010

How Do I Get Jelly Stains Out Of Microsuede?


Quando la notte senza dignità
makes my heart a distant dream,
you, or guardian, in absurd absences
of space flight, but not without
doing around you on a dark
naked wilderness where I remain alone.

groups of statues, interiors, sequences
of faces, are scattered on the ground,
beyond the grave, and those remnants Elysian
instil in the offender who visits them
misunderstandings terrors, sweet exceptions.
Free I walk the museum.

With my innocence faces calmed
serious of Guardians, and virgin Orpheus ,
laugh and frightens me as a child.
Here in the barren desert cuoremdel
marble of the latrine I saw
be small temple in my old dreams.

entered it, and it was a heavy blue vortex
naive in his chest, won the shame ...
Non ero solo, morivo d'abbandono...
Uno si volse... sento ancora il tuono
della pistola, il tanfo della fogna.
La latrina fu un tempio, aperto ai vostri

sguardi: che non erano sguardi di perdono.


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