Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pop Bracelets Meanings

...non posso più rimandare!

Late obviously
like all the things I do:
and that budget is!


is not so easy to order things and classify them, to judge and place them in the right place.
But let's order.

To begin we must first make sure you have a place to "store".
Sounds easy? ... I know that space is there but find it a chore!
The problem is that they are a messy fuck!

Mine is not a disorder, like many, am not a messy beginner, mine is a pathological disorder, is a patient at the terminal stage !
A battle continues my confusion, a war lasts, relentlessly ...
a struggle at times dramatically, and other extremely physical tactics
you ever tried playing a game of chess with the case, with the chaos ?
A duel without scruples and with many "low blows"!

so hard to get out of Babel!

I'm winking at Dr.Jekyll Mr.Hyde but does not give up, play dirty and I know that because I do have fun with him ... how could I help it?
The tragedy is that the need to place requires me to deal with all my IO.
I wish in my store there was a final "folder (perhaps serve as a box) labeled" Mr.Hyde "... the problem is that I need to do even your help:
how do you ask the butcher to prepare the equipment for its execution?

Then what else should I store?
... spare lived , suitcases thoughts, you should select the affections and finish with the boxes heavier than those filled with emotions kept, all still in their original packaging for fear of ruining ... but which are now well beyond their expiration date healthy:
beautiful but no longer usable!

but I do not want to store them, not those you store it?
... I do not think, if you put away the desires, but what the fuck we have to do all day?
Desires are still a mess, I've got to focus them well to identify the real ones ... fuck we have to work: I need time , I need space !

I'm not ready for a budget done well (I think you can easily guess) but one thing I think I have understood: first need to do some 'space and do it as soon as possible without thinking too much about the "how to do it ... act as soon as you have the opportunity as a ruthless killer!

I leave, I go to prepare a box, one of those hard to quit but I have to start now: I will take a long time and at night you know ...

Mr.Hyde appears ... the night!


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