Sunday, December 20, 2009

Glumetza Breastfed Babies


... In truth, the poet, the true poet, may the art of tightrope walker. Writing is advance word after word on a line of beauty, the line of a poem, a work, a history of lying on silk paper. Writing is advancing step by step, page after page, on the path of the book. The hard part is not high from the ground and balancing on the edge of language, helped by bilncere pen. It's not even go on a straight line Walk ahead sometimes interrupted by transient dizziness as the cascade of a comma or obstruction of a point. No, difficult for the poet, is to remain constantly on the thread that is writing, live every hour of his life at that dream, do not go, even briefly, from cordadell'mmaginazione. indeed, the difficulty is to become tightrope walkers of the word.

There are two kinds of people.
There are those who live, play and die.

And there are those that are held in balance on the side of life.

There are actors.
And there are the acrobats.


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