Thursday, November 26, 2009

Airsoft Gold Plated Psitol

Riflessione notturna...


The communication (from the Latin cum = with and arm = wire, build and Latin communicates = pool should participate ) is not only a process of transmission. In Italian , the termine "comunicazione" ha il significato semantico di "far conoscere", "rendere noto". La comunicazione è un processo costituito da un soggetto che ha intenzione di far sì che il ricevente pensi o faccia qualcosa.


L' arte , nel suo significato più ampio, comprende ogni attività umana - svolta singolarmente o collettivamente - che, poggiando su accorgimenti technical skills and innate behavioral norms arising from study and by ' experience , leads to forms creative of expression aesthetic . At its today, art is closely related to the ability to convey emotions , so the artistic expressions, while aiming to report " posts , "not a real language , because they do not have a code unambiguously shared among all users, but instead are interpreted subjectively.

Would be nice to communicate freely, it would be nice to find a common channel to scroll through the thoughts, moods to get to the intimacy of spirit that too often missing.

What is art if not this: a code, a language capibile maybe not all but many can you spread that message, even if mediated by the sensibilities of those who catches them remain pure, crystalline and surprisingly unchanged!

An artist is not someone with a special sensitivity, but one who simply can not find a way to express his emotions which are often elementary, simple because if it were not so audiences would not find it fame!

are an example of all those forms of art (perhaps better to speak of forms of expression) the "niche" that have a code difficult capibile and appreciated by few, the But those few who will defend this term with all the passion of which they are able to protect a way of communication that is all the more as their is singular. A communication channel of images, sounds, smells what if not a kind of emotional grammar, sometimes confused but also able to be precise and effective when it captures the structure.

alive and conscious in what I find myself tangled up with my thoughts trying to make them enjoyable to others, but to no avail more and more fascinated by the ideal of two spirits in tune and so taken by the 'Art of the others do not concentrate on my research.


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