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The Vampire Strangler Free

Expresse - Enquête sur le bouffon de l’Europe: Berlusconi

"Enquête sur le Bouffon de l'Europe: Berlusconi" .
("Inchiesta sul buffone d' Europa: Berlusconi" )

E' il culmine di una serie di pesantissime critiche portate al premier italiano da vari giornali europei americani, giapponesi, buona parte dei quali liberali: Financial Times , Daily Telegraph , Wall Street Journal , Herald Tribune , El Pais , El Mundo , Youmuri Shimbun, Vremia Novosti, Tagespiel , Le Monde , The Guardian , The New York Times .
Then the G8 went well (in the sense that there was nothing wrong with that) and Obama risdoganato, at international level, Berlusconi calling it a "strong leadership", but the problems posed by the figure of the Knight of our country remained unaltered.
are those indicated by 'Express that after mocking the title, we only make a bare list.

In May 1990, when no "aggressive record" of a political nature could be assumed against it, Berlusconi was "perjured testimony" by the Court of Appeal of Venice (ie, had sworn falsely in court stating that the P2 was only three days while he was writing for three years). He was saved by an amnesty intended by the communists hated to clean up their Rogne (illicit financing from Moscow).
owner of half of the national television system, where no country in a liberal politician can possess even a neighborhood newspaper. To try to explain the 'anomaly' Italian, or incomprehensible to his readers, the New York Times columnist Robert Mackey wrote:
" Imagine a world where Donald Trump owned the NBC, was president of the United States, offered to Miss California in exchange for her favors, a Senate seat, and you're only halfway to understand what is happening in Italy .
a colossal conflict of interest which extends from television to publishing of printed matter (it owns the largest Italian publishing house and a major daily newspaper) to real estate, financial, assicurativo e persino al calcio, che Berlusconi promise di risolvere nel 1994 ma che da quindici anni sta lì e pesa come un macigno sulla vita politica ed economica italiana.

Una serie di leggi "ad personam" e "ad personas" per cavare dagli "impicci giudiziari" sè e i suoi amici, leggi che hanno scardinato codici penali italiani rendendo quasi impossibile il perseguimento di alcuni reati.
Berlusconi è stato processato per:
  • falso in bilancio
  • funds blacks
  • tax fraud
  • illicit funds
  • corruption of the Guardia di Finanza
  • corruption of magistrates
In some cases, fared abolished by law, the crime of which he was accused, with others in the prescription, but at least two occasions the Supreme Court, ruling on the related process, has determined that those crimes will Knight had committed even if they were no longer liable for the passage of time.
"Lodo Alfano" which removes the Premier to each type of process (including murder) until the end of his term, violating the principle of liberal-key: the equality of all citizens before the law.
Judgement of the Court of First Instance of Milan found that Berlusconi bribed a witness with 600 thousand dollars, the British lawyer David Mills, because it would make false testimony (witnesses that allowed him to be acquitted on other processes).
Dinner with two Supreme Court justices who will rule on the constitutionality of the "Lodo Alfano".
Interception of telephone calls Berlusconi Saccà which shows that the prime minister uses the RAI-TV, Agency of State, favored to place, his or her friends (the so-called Noemi cases and escort, while in the Express deals, do not take them into account because the private lives of the Prime Minister, like any other citizen, if not reflected in crime, the facts are his).

Sunday scorsa il Daily Telegraph , quotidiano conservatore britannico , ripercorrendo questa lista ha scritto:

" In qualsiasi altro Paese Berlusconi, come politico, sarebbe morto e sepolto da tempo ".
Agli italiani invece va bene così.


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